Interesting facts about chromium | The interesting thing about the chemical elements

Chromium is a member of the transition metal element group. It is known to add sparkle and value to minerals.


Interesting facts about chromium

Chromium is a transition metal element located in the 24th cell in the periodic system table. It is known for its natural rust resistance which is used a lot in various fields as motorcycles often have chrome-coated parts, while silverware can have a similar chromium-plating pattern. Here are 10 interesting facts about the element chromium!

Location of chromium in the periodic system table

10 Interesting Facts about the element chromium

1. The name of the element is derived from the Greek word "chroma" meaning "color" proposed by the French chemists Antoine - Francois de Fourcroy and Rene - Just Hauy. Chromium is named because the compounds of chromium are very colorful, such as yellow, orange, green, purple and black. Besides, based on the color of the compounds used, it is possible to predict the oxidation state of metals.

2. Because chromium compounds have many colors, it has been used as a dye for paintings since ancient times.

Chromium compounds with vivid colors

3. The element chromium is the 13th most abundant element in our Earth's crust.

4. The most important use of chromium is as an alloying element for steel - stainless steel (minimum chromium content is 11%) and other heat-resistant alloys.

5. Humans need chromium in the +3 form of chromium for good health. For chromium, the recommended ESADDI level is 50 - 200 micrograms of chromium per day.

6. Did you know that chromium is the standard ingredient in most multivitamin / multi-mineral medicines and supplements. Chromium is also present in all foods and is especially high in certain plants such as yeast and grains.

Supplements Cr (+3)

7. Chromium's best known nutritional effect is that it aids insulin in metabolic sugar (glucose) in the blood. However, chromium (VI) is a water pollutant, in addition it is also used to produce, color the greenery of glass, to create chromium coatings and for industrial applications. Approximately 85% use chromium is to make metal type.

8. Chromium is required in the manufacture of synthetic rubies and emeralds.

Chromium is essential in the manufacture of synthetic rubies and emeralds

9. Chromium is the third hardest element after Carbon (the hardest) and Boron (the second hardest).

10. Simply polished chromium reflects nearly 70% of the visible spectrum, with nearly 90% of infrared light being reflected.

The most important use of chromium is as an alloying element for steel - stainless steel


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