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NO2 + O3 → N2O5 + O2 | Equation Balance

NO2 | nitơ dioxit | + O3 | ozon | khí = N2O5 | dinitơ pentaoxit | Rắn + O2 | oxi | Chất khí, Condition Nhiệt độ temperature, Ozone reacts with NO2, Red and brown NO2 gas gets faded

Detailed information about the equation

Reaction conditions when applied NO2 + O3

  • Catalyst: not available
  • Temperature: temperature
  • Pressure: normal
  • Other conditions: not available

Reaction process NO2 + O3

Process: Ozone reacts with NO2

Note: not available

The result of the reaction NO2 + O3

The phenomenon: Red and brown NO2 gas gets faded

Detailed information on the reactants

Information about NO2 (nitrogen dioxide)

  • Atomic weight: 46.00550 ± 0.00080
  • Color: đang cập nhật
  • Status: đang cập nhật

Information about O3 (ozone)

  • Atomic weight: 47.99820 ± 0.00090
  • Color: khí màu xanh nhạt
  • Status: khí

Detailed information about the products of the reaction

Information about N2O5 (dinitrogen pentoxide)

  • Atomic weight: 108.0104
  • Color: màu trắng
  • Status: Rắn

Information about O2 (oxygen)

  • Atomic weight: 31.99880 ± 0.00060
  • Color: không màu
  • Status: Chất khí

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