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copper = copper(ii) nitrate


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2AgNO3 + Cu2Ag + Cu(NO3)2
silver nitrate copper silver copper(ii) nitrate
(dd) (rắn) (rắn) (dd)
(không màu) (đỏ) (xám) (xanh lam)
2 1 2 1 Hệ số
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How reaction can happen

soaked a piece of copper wire in the nitrate silver solution


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More information

Salt solution can react with metal to create new salt and new metal. Copper pushed silver out of salt. We say copper operation is stronger than silver.

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Extra information about substances that equation use

Reaction of AgNO3 (bạc nitrat) react with Cu (đồng) produce Ag (bạc)

Reaction that produces substance AgNO3 (bạc nitrat) (silver nitrate)

Ag + 2HNO3 => AgNO3 + H2O + NO2 3Ag + 4HNO3 => 3AgNO3 + 2H2O + NO HNO3 + Ag3PO4 => AgNO3 + H3PO4

Reaction that produces substance Cu (đồng) (copper)

CuCl2 => Cl2 + Cu Fe + CuSO4 => Cu + FeSO4 C + 2CuO => 2Cu + CO2

Reaction that produces substance Ag (bạc) (silver)

2AgNO3 => 2Ag + 2NO2 + O2 2AgNO3 + Cu => 2Ag + Cu(NO3)2 2AgNO3 + H2O + HCHO + 3NH3 => 2Ag + 2NH4NO3 + HCOONH4

Reaction that produces substance Cu(NO3)2 (Đồng nitrat) (copper(ii) nitrate)

24HNO3 + FeCuS2 => Cu(NO3)2 + 10H2O + 2H2SO4 + 18NO2 + Fe(NO3)3 2AgNO3 + Cu => 2Ag + Cu(NO3)2 6HNO3 + [Cu(NH3)4](OH)2 => Cu(NO3)2 + 2H2O + 4NH4NO3

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