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Why we are struggling...

Our website serve millions users every months and still increase dramatically, we also have to paid allowance to volunteer to maintain content of this website. This cost us few thousands dollars every month.

However, forever 10 years we don't have any significant income except the founder's money, we cannot survive with increasing cost of maintenance. Therefore, run ads is a temporary solution to cover 20-30% operation cost

We hope our ads is not making you feel to inconvenient.

If you find any ads do not fit for education purpose please contact me directly [email protected]

How can you help...

As a user, you can disable ads block plugin, this would help us few cents for each time you visit us.

As a company, you can contact us for advertisement contract, we are looking forward to establish long term partnership.

As a hero, we can contribute directly to us via below links. 20% of all donation will be transfer to our partner non-prfit organization, who working day by day in rural area develop new roads and schools for future of education.

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Income form ads help us maintain content with highest quality why we need to place adverts ? :D

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